“Nothing rest; everything moves; everything vibrates”

-The Kybalion

 Sound is vibration. Everything in the universe is in motion and vibrates. Objects and entities vibrate at a constant. Our thoughts, emotions, desires and wills give off vibrations which affect us and those around us.

Higher powers, consciousness, and understanding reside in the higher vibrational realms. Emotions like love, gratitude, and joy. When we embrace a higher consciousness, our auras increase to a frequency closer to the speed of Light.

We can learn to integrate higher frequencies of Spirit into our consciousness and the lower realms and thus, an alchemical transformation occurs.

Sound Therapy

Shaundra is a multi dimensional sound therapist. Working with light, sacred geometry and sound. It is an honor for her to serve you in restoring your mind, body, and soul. Helping you to shift stuck energies and beliefs through the vibration of sound supported by: Crystal Bowls, Chalice Grails, Tibetan Bowls, Koshi Wind Chimes, Native American Flutes, Water Drum, Hapi Drums, and The Gong. Leaving you feeling refreshed and restored from all the higher vibrational energies.


Each session is $111 for 1 hour and is always done in a prayerful ceremonial way in the privacy of Shaundra’s sacred temple space. Setting our prayers and intentions connecting with the higher dimensional beings who assist her in each session.

Some say, its like having an out of body experience. While others hear voices, feel the presence of angels and other beings and connect with their higher selves finding deeper clarity and peace within themselves.