JUNE 15TH - 25TH

Life is all about balance. Through this deep immersion into the consciousness we offer the possibility to recharge and balance oneself in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Surrounded by nature and all her wisdom. Over the course of 10 days, with Shaundra and Ben, you will practice and learn the physical and mindful art of Shamanic Yoga and embark on a journey of deep self-discovery within yourself through the layers of your consciousness. Today in our society all have alot to take care of and find ourselves exhausted. Putting just about everything else before our own wellbeing and becoming incredibly stressed and we may fall into a life which doesn’t fit what we truly want or need, finding ourselves depleted and uninspired in our life. We will break down your negative belief patterns, and unhealthy habits, give you every day practical tools that you will be able to use and take home with you to help you mange your life in a healthy balanced way and help you to find your inspiration for life again. 


Shaundra Lynn Hyre a Medicine Woman, and recently retired International Fashion Model of 18 years.  Her name means: She brings the Light Codes. She is the full activation of the Spirit of the Ancient Ones, and therefore she is a teacher of Wisdom and one who is lovingly here to guide others on the highest pathway to the Divine Goddess. She carries the sacred Divine Feminine trinity within her. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis and they are always with her and working through her. She is from the Soul Group of the Lighten Coded Ones. Her Galaxy of Origin is of the Bear Constellation and the Milky Way Galaxy with the immense, intricate connection with the galaxies that lie between Sirius and Orion. Her Soul colours are of the shimmering rainbow and she works with the Rays of light.

Shaundra is American and of Cherokee Indian Heritage. She is based in Peru and travels all over the world giving ceremonies. Her journey into Shamanism started in NY where she was modelling and living for 14 years. Modelling then took her to a new chapter in her life living in London, UK, where she then began her beautiful work with the plants. Her deep love and connection with the plants and all their healing and knowledge led her to Brazil to do deep work. Opening her consciousness on deeper levels that she never experienced and ever even thought was possible, healing very old deep wounds from this life time and others. Being completely transformed and reborn from this work she went back to London and birthed Tribu Spirit. An online website that supports indigenous tribes around the world by providing their plant medicines, arts and crafts. She continued her work with the plants and learning which led her to working with the Grandfather, Wachuma and also with the Divine Cosmic Mother. It is part of her soul contract to carry this very special and unique medicine that she makes through the Divine Mother to help people to truly awaken into who they are. She is also now working deeply with the sacred frog medicine, Kambo. It is a very special and powerful medicine who continues to guide her and reveal the magic in her life. Shaundra has a deep connection with many sacred plants that continue to work with her and grow and live in her life daily helping others to transform and remove blockages and unwanted energies in their lives. It is her greatest honor and joy to work with these plants.

She received her Shamanic Yoga Certification in 2011 in Mysore, India and shares the depth of this knowledge, weaving immense similarities between shamanism and yogic practices with sound healing and journeying in the retreats that she holds around the world.

She is passionate about nutrition and healthy eating and was studying the culinary art of Raw Food in NY from a friend who was a chef. Late, she herself became a Raw Food Chef for 2 years in Miami, Fl. It is a pleasure for her to share this knowledge, as it is a great everyday tool that we can use to treat our bodies as the temples they are.

Using all of her skills and knowledge and wisdom of the earth and of the stars. It is her great honour and blessing to hold a safe loving space of support to guide you into transformation and the birthing of your true divine essence in all of its shimmering beauty and greatness

Benjamin Torre is a very energetic and enthusiastic man. Born in Grenoble, south east of France in the Alpes, he grows up in the mountains in middle of nature and animals. Passionate about the human potential, constantly learning and having new experiences. As a spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropic Ben is today an International Speaker and Conference Leader for Personal Development & Awakening Consciousness. He shares the stage with the most influent people around the planet in personal growth and development. During the last 4 years Ben has participated in a lot of different workshops and retreats with different Masters to free himself and release blockages with his past and childhood. Today he mixes a traditional vision quest, the Hoffman process, and an army commando training from his experience to empower oneself and release anger, stress, depression, anxiety, let go of negative emotions, open your mind and soul to a higher level of consciousness.

Born as a Starseed and identified with a range of extra-sensory abilities including clairvoyance, emotional compassion and feeling. Victims from the MILABS at the age of 6 – the Military abduction from the secret spaces programs – he quickly realised he didn’t fit into his role in the society and the current systems.
At the age of 10 he felt a strong connection with shamanism and nature. He was really interested about witchcraft and all the mysteries of the universe.
Today Ben cans interact with parallel dimensions and easily translate spiritual information and principles into this reality. His journey started in the French secret services at the age of 20 and then the commando special forces. Five years later in 2012, it was too much to bear, stress, depression, anger, shame, sorrow… It was this day which turned his life around; as Jim Rohn use to said, “disgust, enough is enough.” He attempted suicide.

But it wasn’t his time. A few weeks later he met a shaman and started a deeper introspection with himself and a deeper understanding of the soul, consciousness, universe, and mother earth by listening and reading Carlos Castaneda, Alan Watts, Terrence McKenna, and more. He started travelling around the world and worked with many different persons. Today, I see myself as a LifeChanger, a philosopher, an Alchemist, a Wizard, a Shaman, a bridge between two worlds. Spiritual Leader & Natural Healer, from the varied experiences in my life and the conclusions of quantum physics law I feel and live by the belief that the entire world is just an illusion, a creation from our mind, a pure reflection of our inner world. I help clarify Life’s Energy Consciousness and provides guidance to fluidly navigate life in synchronicity & harmony while raising conscious awareness. Using ancient technical knowledge and wisdom of the Spirit, Mind & Body systems, I deeply aligns individuals and groups with core cosmic and earth based connection,  genetic understanding, subconscious patterning and energy systems to enhance individual & group realisation to be a Spiritual Warrior.


Retreats are the most efficient catalysts for change. When you give yourself time away from all your daily distractions, from society, from a conditioning in strong social pressure, jobs, boss etc you give yourself the space for introspection, letting go of ego identifications, there is no way to escape and hide. You give yourself time to go deeply into your soul and find your inner guidance, peace and purpose. During the retreat you connect with like minded souls who share the same path and offer their support and understanding. You will learn much more than you can imagine, and will see, we all share the same path and are one big family.


This program is designed to bring you slowly but deeply into your being. With different sacred knowledge and neuro sciences, we will explore and figure out your blockages and negative believes that help you understand about your emotions and belief systems.

Through the Human design and NLP course you will learn how you can immediately start practising these powerful tools, and change your enviornment and perception of life.

With the ancient and shamanic knowledge, you will reconnect with your roots, with your soul, inner child, with the joy, the peace and the deep unconditional love inside you. To be able to listen to nature, and follow her cycles and rhythms.

You will learn the art and powerful tool of Shamanic Journeying , connecting with your power animal and spirit guides as allies to help you with inner guidance and wisdom.

We will take a pilgrimage to one of the most sacred Apus (mountains) Ausangate’ in the Andes and partake in sacred ceremony with Wachuma. Staying with a beautiful indigenous Quechua family at the base of the mountains who  are deeply connected to the Apus and the sacred lands there. We open up ceremony at the base of Ausangate in the indigenous Quechua community and then ride horses up to the top of the Apu. Giving yourself time to connect with grandfather Wachuma and the elemental spirits. As we arrive to the top we will have time to take in all the messages from Pachamama (mother earth), Grandfather Wachuma and the Elementals. Then we ride our horses back down the mountain and have a deep immersion into the healing waters of the natural hot springs and have a beautifully prepared traditional meal with our host Quechua family. 

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Dates & Time :

Please arrive to Cusco no later than the 14th, by 12 noon as we will collect everyone and then travel into the mountains to begin our retreat at our lovely house in Lamay. This also gives you time to acclimate to the very high altitude. This natural setting provides a relaxing atmosphere for unwinding, inner exploration and experiencing the holistic rhythms and ancient practices of our ancestors. Please book your return flight out of Cusco no earlier than June 26th-27th.

Retreats are an incredible opportunity to deeply immerse your self into a loving supportive environment in nature outside of your every day to day life. Where we can get caught up in different roles that we play in our lives in relationships to partners, jobs, work etc. that can sometimes be very taxing and draining. As much as we may love them. You give yourself time to go deeply within your soul to find your inner guidance, peace and purpose. Awakening from within.

Program Cost:

£ 1,550 – All inclusive program with food and accommodation for ten days, June 15th to the 25th. Participants are responsible for their own travel to and from Cusco and any other personal needs for the duration of the stay. Space is limited to 13 people.

NOTE: Prices  Include Healthy Food and Accommodation NOT transport.

When you register, we will send you an introduction program with some questions to start working on your mind, vision, intention, and current situation so that you can get really clear on what your intentions are for deep transformation.

Please provide a photograph of yourself so we can place face to name and let us know your intentions for the making the trip. Due to the nature of high-mountain travel and extended ceremonial work we require participants to consult with Ben or Shaundra prior to registering for the trip.

DEPOSIT: After receiving our registration confirmation email, a non-refundable deposit of £550 is required to secure your place with the remaining balance due before May 15th, 2017. Full payment is also accepted at time of registration. Special arrangements by request.

Payments can be made by cash in US dollars or GBP Pounds, bank transfer, transferwise.com, or PayPal’s “send money to friends and family” option (credit card payments incur a 3% processing fee).

A detailed trip information sheet with payment info, gear needs and flight suggestions will be sent to you with your registration confirmation email. Deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations within 40 days of trip start date incur an additional 25% cancellation fee to cover ground costs. Cancellations within 30 days forfeit all payments with 50% of the trip cost available to apply to a future trip within one year of the original retreat date.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email!

We look forward to working together with you in deep transformation.

Lots of love, 

Shaundra and Ben