Shaundra has been a successful international fashion model since the age of  17.  What she once thought to be a curse of having to diet and exercise from a very young age because she wasn't pin thin, turned out to be her biggest blessing and passion in life. With her great attention and approach to a healthy, balanced life style she has been awarded for all of her hard efforts on to grace the covers of countless magazines. In 2006 Shaundra had seen enough of the fashion industry and decided to explore the world of being a raw food chef full time. Two years later with a mohawk and japanese knife in one hand and a hand full of nuts in the other Shaundra had gained 30lb from being fully raw vegan. This began a new process of self discovery and digging even deeper. Realizing where she had taken a wrong turn in the raw vegan diet was that it was extremely high in fat with all of the nuts she was consuming and had hence gained the 30lbs as well as not exercising properly. With a big mountain in front of her to climb.  One year later through hard work and dedication, a balanced diet and regular exercise Shaundra had lost the 30lbs that she gained and returned back to the modeling industry. This time with a renewed sense of passion! Now combining her loves of Health, Nutrition and Fitness to be a voice for us all knowing how challenging it is to struggle with your goals. But with hard work, love and support, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.  Now it is her great pleasure to give back and assist you in your health, nutrition and weight loss goals. 

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”
― Thomas A. Edison

Shaundra is delighted and available for personal one to one Health Coaching and Fitness sessions. Helping you to in achieving your desired weight loss , health and nutrition goals, lets chisel that body that you have always dreamed of ! You are the greatest artist in your life.....You are the one you've been waiting for!

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