Running in Richmond Park

This is my ballet homage to Billy Elliot, just like a Black Swan! Helloo...where is my tutu when i need one? Never leave home running without it!!! LOL! The building that i am so graciously leaping over in the photo is the Royal Ballet School where Billy Elliot was filmed.

Luke, who is a nature lover and works for Sir David Attenborough is stretching it out before our run along the gorgeous meadows of Richmond Park.

Ahhh! I see Andy Goldsworthy has been busy doing some installations in Richmond!! LOL!
Luke's gracious headstand, well more like forehead stand, amongst the trees! :)

The birds were busy chattering away and unfortunately left not one trace of a feather for me.

Is that a tree frog doing frog pose??? Oh no!!! Its Shaundra practicing her Crow!!!
Ahhh.....I dont know, I think i make a better monkey!!!
Bye for now! Until my next adventure, go running in your local park and hug a tree!