Fitness Challenge...........Accomplished!

Me (in the middle) with all the Body Combat instructors after our 3 hour Marathon! Whoo hoo!

What a great event and so much fun! It was a bit like going to a techno dance club! LOL! The lights were dimmed with colors of red and orange with pumping techno music to keep you burning through those punches and kicks, screaming for  more! I did really well, and didn't stop but to have a quick sip of water. There was one chick in front of me who was totally bouncing off the walls and going for it super hard the whole 3 hours..... i was afraid that she took speed and was going to have a heart attack! LOL!
Thank God she didn't, i guess she was just really, really, amped!
I burned 2,349 calories in the 3 hour Body Combat Marathon! Not bad for a Saturday morning work out but boy was i sore the next day! I could barely move my arms to drink my tea in the morning! So i took my over worked Body Combat ass to the Porchester Spa to do some steam and sauna relaxation time. Ahhh, sweet relief! Be sure to check out a Body Combat class near you to get your fill of Karate Kid excitement!