"Big Top Baby".......Accomplished!

OMG!!! That was amazing!!!! But actually a lot scarier then i thought it would be! Just climbing up that ladder to the top was enough to get my heart racing and make me piss my pants!
But i did it...and as you can see, screaming the whole way through! I promise, screaming makes it easier! The teachers were really thorough and the whole energy of the class was really encouraging and supportive. There were people who were trying their skills out on the trapeze that were from around the ages of 12 yrs old - 45 years old. So, really, its perfect for everyone who is crazy enough to do it. I met some really nice people. I think that everyone should try flying through the air once in their life.!
I loved it so much, I'll probably be going back to perfect my skills!
Here is the video of me being handed off, like they really do it in the circus....minus the screaming!!! LOL!