Above and Beyond with North Circular

Check out this amazing new magazine from the U.K. called Above.  It is an Eco conscious, glossy, earthy and sexy new mag with a bunch of earth warriors involved. Nicolas Rachline is the Editor-in-Chief and Summer Rayne Oakes is the Editor-at-Large. 
Also, one of the feature stories in the Winter 09 issue is about North Circular. A company created by my girlfriend Katherine Poulton, Lily Cole, Alice Ashby and Isobel Davies. They are saving sheep and using their wool to make beautiful designs hand knit by grannies. Click here for the link to read more.
If you want to hear it the way it is with no frills and no BS then read the article with Peter Beard. Genius! He is a creature of his own kind and is forever close to my heart. Read more here.