Supplies That Helped Me Survive!

When doing Argus, one can not survive on sheer determination and will power alone. Proper nutrition is a vital part of this game if you want to make it to that finish line in good time!
Below are the most natural products i could find here at the Lifecycle Expo before the race. A company called Hammer Nutrition from the states who are Vegan friendly. I highly recommend these products for anyone who is racing, competing or does strenuous activites and needs to replenish the bodies recourses.
Their site has lots of really valuble informaiton on their products and also lots of knowledge on how to prepare and recover for races. I wish i would have looked at their site before Argus!
  • HEED (High Energy Electrolyte Drink) contains complex carbohydrates for long lasting energy and a full spectrum of chelated minerals replenishing the body with the proper electrolytes it needs. This product is not sugary at all it is sweetened with xylitol which is an organic compound taken from the fibers of many fruits and vegetables. I tried Strawberry, Orange and Lemon-lime. They were all tasty. When i ran out of my Heed i was forced to drink the distgusting sugar laden Powerade they were supplying at the rest stops and i could immediatley taste and feel the difference in my performance. I would get a sugar rush for about 10min and then crash immediatley afterwards feeling dehydrated. Stick to a clean sourse of Electrolytes, it makes a huge difference!
  • Hammer Gel A concentrated form of carbohydrate energy made with real fruit and amino acids. Studies have confirmed that oral ingestion of these amino acids:L-Alanine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine raises blood levels proportionately, and migrate with ease to working muscles for fuel synthesis, tissue repair and sparing harmful muscle loss. Hammer Gel gives you the consistant energy your body needs when you are working out intensely with out a sugar crash because it is made from natural ingredients. I timed the consumption of my 2 Hammer Gels ( flavors Espresso and Banana....yummy!) precisely before the 2 hardest climbs of the race, Suikerbosse and Chapmans Peak. Wow! It really gave me the increse in energy and strength i needed to push up those tough climbs successfully with out a crash afterwards.
  • Hammer Bar An energy bar that is 70-90% Raw made from high Alkalizing protein, gluten free, easy to digest and tastes great! Can also help improve cardiovascular health, immunity, mental clarity and hormone balance. I tried flavors Almond Raisin and Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip. They were both delicious but i prefered the Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip....must be the chocolate lover in me! These bars are very clean and easy to digest. It gave me a meal in a bar that i needed to keep going to that finish line!
I take great care of making sure that i feed my body with the proper nutrition and eat a very clean diet. I believe that food can be our medicine and in some cases is a culprite for diseases in the world. I stay away from processed foods and grains, consume lots of yummy organic fruits, greens (great source of protein), veggies and the occasional fish if my body is telling me it needs it.
So, days leading up to Argus i was asking for advise on how to prepare from experts in the field who do Marathons and Triathalons. Everyone was saying...."Carbo load, Carbo load, Carbo load!" Pasta's, Breads, Rice etc.
Instintually this didnt feel right to me because of what i know is in these foods and how my body reacts to them. These foods are processed and is hard for my body to digest and in some cases i get an allergic reaction to these foods. But because i am a newbie to this level of competing and i was afraid i wouldnt have enough energy to sustain me through the race i listened to the advise of these experts.
Boy! I wish i would have listened to that inner voice. I did carbo load and my stomach was sticking out like i was pregnant with a dead brick. When the race started i was burbing up all that carbo loading from all the acid and gas that was in my system! Fun! Half way through the race my body started aching with acid pains. I KNOW my body and i KNOW that it wasnt just from the intensity of the race because i trained really hard before hand and had basically done a 90k cylce to see how i would do before hand and i was fine.
So, my advise to all of you who think you should listen to experts in the field. Do what is right for your body. Take advise that resonates with you and use it but listen to your instincts and what you know is right for you. Everyone is different. Sticking to your regular eating habits before a race, getting proper rest, and CLEAN nutrition are the best things you can do for your body.