Yeah!!! I did it!!! I am proud to say that i finished the 20010 Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour in 5:21:06! Wow! What an amazing adventure!
The day started out with a howling South Easterly wind of 45km hour. Nothing like a challenge to start the race day off! The first 76km were pretty easy given that i was supplying my body with proper electolytes and nutritional supplementation. But just when it was 33km left to go the aches and pains started settling into my shoulders and back. Urgh, it was so painful! Its like that inner acid ache you cant get rid of. I think this was from all the carbo loading i had done following up to the race. Lesson learned the hard way as usual! I shed a few tears, said a prayer and channelled all of my energy into that finish line. The scenery did help to ease those pains!
It was such a stunning route and everyone was so friendly. There were thousands of people along the side of the route cheering us on and giving us support. It meant so much to me as im sure it did to everyone else partisipating to have their support to help us finish!
Once we reached Suikerbosse which was a climb no one was looking forward to. They had "Virign Active Angels" offering to help push you up the hill. There was an adorable little boy about the age of 12 who asked me if i wanted a push and i gratefully accepted. He was so strong and ran so fast! After the final push he asked me if i had any sweeties or chocolate for him! LOL! So cute!
Chapmans Peak was the toughest for me. I had done Suikerbosse enough that i was used to it but Chapmans incline i had never done. You turn the corner leading up to Chapmans and all you can see is sea of cyclists for miles going up a steep climb that looks like it goes on forever and dissapears into the mountain! Pretty daunting! I saw one guy get off of his bike mid climb up Chapmans and light up a cigarette!
There were quite a few people dressed up in costumes and had lots of fun dressing up for the event. I saw a lady bug, a clown, a chicken and docotors or nurses dressed in scrubs. And these silly super heros below celebrating after the race!
Was it challenging? Hell yes? Would i do it again? Hell yes! I reached the finish line, called my boyfriend and had a good cry and then ran straight for the medical tent where they were giving massages. Ahh sweet relief! I really learned a lot being a rookie and am so glad that i did it. Its opened my eyes up to a whole new world of challenges like this. I look forward to signing up for more events like this and seeing where this road will take me. Into uncharted territory......thats when im really living! Congratulations to everyone who finished the Cape Argus Cycle Tour and my prayers are with those who were injured. Keep livin, keep dreamin!