Maia the Greek Goddess of Spring and One of the Pleidian Seven Sisters

She was the eldest daughter of Atlas, the most beautiful of her seven sisters, all of whom we can see in the night skies in the "Pleiades" constellation. She is sometimes referred to as the grandmother of magic. She causes the plants to grow through her gentle heat. Her name means 'She who is Great'. As a Goddess of merry-making, flowering and springtime, we might be tempted to not take Her seriously. But the roots of her name point to a Chthonic ( in, under or beneath the earth, earthy or subterranean) incredibly powerful, and ancient form of the Great Goddess. She is no less than a Giver of Life. Hail to the Goddess Maia!


Here's Your Daily Dose of Humor....

Hahaha! Since when has the government taken care of us?? Really? Oh and i just love the use of the image to give it a Full on representation of how the've taken care of the Native Americans! This image was found by a friend of mine in the deep south in America...Yeehaw! 

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Is the food your eating effecting your tummy and brain?

As many as three out of every five persons may suffer from food allergies, resulting in some of the same symptoms typical of depression.

For example, one study found that undigested grain particles can attach themselves to morphine receptors in the brain, suggesting a direct link between food allergies and mood.

-Gabriel Cousens, MD
"Depression-Free for Life"

*Morphine receptors in the brain are opioid receptors, they are distributed widely within the brain, and are found in the spinal column and the digestive tract. So if you feel depressed and are eating grains and breads thats because they are toxic and effect your brain chemistry. Lets get happy and ditch the processed food made from grains and breads! 

As many as three out of every five persons may suffer from food allergies, resulting in some of the same symptoms typical of depression.

For example, one study found that undigested grain particles can attach themselves to morphine receptors in the brain, suggesting a direct link between food allergies and mood.

-Gabriel Cousens, MD
"Depression-Free for Life"

*Morphine receptors in the brain are opioid receptors, they are distributed widely within the brain, and are found in the spinal column and the digestive tract. So if you feel depressed and are eating grains and breads thats because they are toxic and effect your brain chemistry. Lets get happy and ditch the processed food made from grains and breads! 

Health & Fitness Article On Their Cover Models And What They Do To Stay In Shape

A big THANK YOU to Health & Fitness for featuring me in this months June issue.     The article talks about me, my journey and my passions. My Spirituality, Teaching Shamanic Yoga and Making Raw Chocolate! Ive updated my website to reflect all of my passions and creations.....Go grab your June issue of Health & Fitness and stay connected at Hyre for more adventures! 



HEALTH AND FITNESS OCTOBER ISSUE FEATURING: Creator and founder of Budokon, Cameron Shayne. Budokon Yoga moves by Shaundra Hyre. Budokon is a beautiful blend of Martial Arts and Yoga created by celebrity trainer to the stars and Hollywoods elite bodies, Cameron Shayne.

Budokon Yoga is a great way to challenge yourself if you are looking to take your yoga to the next level as it can be sweat dripping, fat melting and a really physically challenging session as it encourages you to use every muscle in your body, so no slacking off in downward dog! It is also great for beginners who are looking to create some flexibility and core strength. Budokon is great because it can be modified or intensified to suit everyones needs.

I have been practicing Budokon for a year now. I am a Certified Budokon Yoga instructor.
To read more on the art of Budokon and to learn these challenging Budokon moves that will melt your fat and tone your body pick up the October issue of Health & Fitness or check out a Budokon class near you at with Sensei Ryan or at Sweatshopyoga with Sensei Kim.

Running in Richmond Park

This is my ballet homage to Billy Elliot, just like a Black Swan! Helloo...where is my tutu when i need one? Never leave home running without it!!! LOL! The building that i am so graciously leaping over in the photo is the Royal Ballet School where Billy Elliot was filmed.

Luke, who is a nature lover and works for Sir David Attenborough is stretching it out before our run along the gorgeous meadows of Richmond Park.

Ahhh! I see Andy Goldsworthy has been busy doing some installations in Richmond!! LOL!
Luke's gracious headstand, well more like forehead stand, amongst the trees! :)

The birds were busy chattering away and unfortunately left not one trace of a feather for me.

Is that a tree frog doing frog pose??? Oh no!!! Its Shaundra practicing her Crow!!!
Ahhh.....I dont know, I think i make a better monkey!!!
Bye for now! Until my next adventure, go running in your local park and hug a tree!

Health and Fitness UK April

Check out my Yoga moves, Running story and Beauty pics.........
Just out in the April issue of Health and Fitness with Denise Van Outen on the cover.


Now that was some nice asana's! Check out more in the full issue.



Pick up the latest issue of Health and Fitness to get some great styling ideas for looking great while training hard by Kellie Daggett. Inpirational photographs by Ian Derry. Gorgeous makeup by Sarah- Jane Froom for Bare Escentuals and with hot moves by your truely....

Godess of Change

Oya, the Godess of the winds of change has been upon my door step for quite some time and still resides upon my feet. She and i have had an interesting relationship to say the least!
I shall begin slowly to fill you in on the adventures, changes and updates this powerful Godess has brought into my life since the last time i made a post! Which was ages ago!
I look forward to swirling the winds of changes upon these pages.

"Big Top Baby".......Accomplished!

OMG!!! That was amazing!!!! But actually a lot scarier then i thought it would be! Just climbing up that ladder to the top was enough to get my heart racing and make me piss my pants!
But i did it...and as you can see, screaming the whole way through! I promise, screaming makes it easier! The teachers were really thorough and the whole energy of the class was really encouraging and supportive. There were people who were trying their skills out on the trapeze that were from around the ages of 12 yrs old - 45 years old. So, really, its perfect for everyone who is crazy enough to do it. I met some really nice people. I think that everyone should try flying through the air once in their life.!
I loved it so much, I'll probably be going back to perfect my skills!
Here is the video of me being handed off, like they really do it in the circus....minus the screaming!!! LOL!

Fitness Challenge...........Big Top Baby!!!

Who hasn't dreamt of being in the circus as a kid? If you haven't then you were missing out on some amazing childhood fantasy's! Now, I'm going to make my fantasy become a slight reality when i fly through the air on the magic trapeze! Come join me in the fun if you thing you can hang!!!!





Crazy Dr. Ozzy!


The Sunday Times Magazine UK has asked Ozzy Osbourne to be their new health advise columnist. That's right lady's and gents. You will be getting advise from a hard core rock n rolla who has taken every drug under the sun, drank enough alcohol to kill a large village, lived through plane crashes and mental break downs but is now on the bends. Now, clean and sober. Dr. Ozzy has lived through enough and has seen enough doctors that he can just about certify to be a Dr. himself. 

Click here to read the hilariously written article by Dr. Ozzy himself. I look forward to reading his articles as i know they will be nothing short of raw humor grounded in good advise and expert experience. Keep on rockin Doc!

Fitness Challenge...........Accomplished!

Me (in the middle) with all the Body Combat instructors after our 3 hour Marathon! Whoo hoo!

What a great event and so much fun! It was a bit like going to a techno dance club! LOL! The lights were dimmed with colors of red and orange with pumping techno music to keep you burning through those punches and kicks, screaming for  more! I did really well, and didn't stop but to have a quick sip of water. There was one chick in front of me who was totally bouncing off the walls and going for it super hard the whole 3 hours..... i was afraid that she took speed and was going to have a heart attack! LOL!
Thank God she didn't, i guess she was just really, really, amped!
I burned 2,349 calories in the 3 hour Body Combat Marathon! Not bad for a Saturday morning work out but boy was i sore the next day! I could barely move my arms to drink my tea in the morning! So i took my over worked Body Combat ass to the Porchester Spa to do some steam and sauna relaxation time. Ahhh, sweet relief! Be sure to check out a Body Combat class near you to get your fill of Karate Kid excitement!

Fitness Challenge

Ok everyone. So, I've decided to do at least one fitness challenge a month. Something I've never done before, and blog about it. The options are endless and sooo exciting to think about!!! I cant wait to begin! Please feel free to comment and give me suggestions or challenges that you think would be fun and intriguing. I promise you, i will do it! Fire away!!!

And now, my first Fitness Challenge will be............

  • What?
Charity Body Combat Marathon- Move over Jackie Chan and get ready to eat chop suey! This is a 3hour Body Combat Marathon session! Body Combat is a work out that combines powerhouse moves and stances developed from a range of self-defence disciplines including Karate, Kickboxing, Tai Chi and Tae Kwondo, in a take no prisoners, adrenaline-pumping routine. 
The Body Combat Marathon will be done in aid for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity that helps provide inspirational and world class health care to hundreds of kids in need every day. 

  • When? Saturday June 5th 2010 from 10am-1pm
  • Where? Porchester Hall, Queensway, London, W2
There is still time to join me and get in on the Body Combat Marathon madness! Get your tickets here and let the fun begin!

Q & A with David Blakeley

David Blakeley is a down to earth, gorgeous, young strapping lad from Nuneaton England. But dont let those good looks fool you. He's more than just a pretty face. David was in the British Military for 10 years, is an accomplished actor, model and athlete.  I met David while we were working together on set and we began talking about extreme sports and fitness. I was so fascinated with his life story I just had to share it all with you.

Q: David, how did you get into modelling from the military?

A:   I served in the British Army for 10 years. I was a Captain in The Parachute Regiment and served in The pathfinders (elite reconnaisance soldiers). I was injured in the Iraq war in 2003 and likely to be deskbound thereafter which prompted a rethink on where my life was going! 

  After periods of progression and regression it became clear that I needed serious shoulder surgery. I was put on a 12 month waiting list which after hospital administrative errors became 18 months. I decided to sell my car and borrow some money to pay £10,000 to have multiple shoulder operations-thus gaining control of my life. I would no longer let anyone or any organisation control my life. 
  During my physical rehabilitation I became much closer to my family (having previously been away with the military for years). They supported me enormously. My youngest sister Lisa worked in fashion and thus I was exposed to people working in the creative industries - something which formerly I had not understood. Their passion and spirit was akin to the "espirit de corps" that had originally drawn me to join the elite Parachute Regiment. 
  My mother did amateur dramatics and I went along with her to watch line reading. The group an actor short so they asked me to read a few scenes with them. I enjoyed it enormously! Before I knew it I enrolled in as many acting courses as I could and would finish my now Army desk job asap each day to get into London to train as an actor.
   I was signed by my first acting agent a week before I left the Army. Quickly I realised how scarce film and tv drama auditions were. I began "booking" alot of tv commercials, supposedly more than any other unknown actor or model in the UK. An old friend from school, his wife worked in an Advertising Agency and cast me in a modelling campaign for a British luggage company. I then got picked up by a modelling agency. So far in 2010 I have been one of the highest earning models at my agency.

Q:    What possessed you to join the military?

A:     I was academically quite bright at school and took a couple of exams one year early.

 I became very bored of academic education and spending 8 hours in a classroom each day. 
I had no drive to read any subjects or study at university. Students at my school considered you to be gay if you studied drama or the arts (which was not acceptable at the time ) so most guys stayed away from the arts. Which is an enormous shame. I wanted to work, to do. So, I found myself in the Army.

Q: What was your job in the military?

A:    I was an officer, so my job was as a leader and operational planner. My first post was as a platoon commander. The most exciting job I did was serve in The Pathfinders - elite small teams of soldiers who can deploy by freefall parachute behind enemy lines. I was shot through my trousers during an ambush behind enemy lines in Iraq (see letter from His Royal Highness Prince Charles attached - the "medicine" he refers to is a bottle of whisky he sent me from his personal vat).

Wow! Thats incredable! It must have been so scary to be in that situation. We are all grateful for your honorable service to England and those lucky trousers that saved your life! What a thoughtful man His Royal Highness Prince Charles is to send you some of his own personal "medicine" to help you get well! 

Q: Being a Pathfinder, what is it like jumping out of a plane?

A:  Not a normal or natural experience. A good example of "mind over matter". When you have more experience and do multiple training jumps in one day you can become desensitised to it - which is often when accidents tend to happen. I had to pull my reserve parachute twice. On a night HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) training jump prior to the Iraq war we had to cover 30 miles "under canopy" and got seperated as a Patrol over the north sea and so landed scattered across English villages!

  Im sure some of the ladies wouldnt have minded you turning up on their doorstep in their lonely English villages!

   You are also an accomplished athlete and have finished the Marathon Des Sables. Not just any old Marathon might i remind you! Marathon Des Sables is a 6 day 151 mile (243km) endurance race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco, Africa. Not a race for the weak and feeble!

Q: What was it like running the Marathon Des Sables?

A:  A fantastic experience! Its great that you can only enter as a team, it enforces camaraderie. No cell phones, computers or distractions. It's just you, your running shoes and a backpack against nature - and the clock! You need to be focused, yet at the same time I found it very mind clearing.

Q: What a huge accomplishment! What was the most challenging thing about the race?

A:  Waking up on a cold desert morning very stiff, knowing its "double marathon" day!

Q: Was there ever a point where you wanted to give up?

A:  Never. If failure is an option in your head, you will fail. If your head is in no doubt that you will finish this race even if its the last thing you ever do and all race marshalls have gone home, you will finish.

Q: How did you keep going on those long hot days?

A: Preparation and administration - eg looking after your feet helps alot. I was used to carrying heavy loads across hills from being in The Parachute Regiment. Taking shorter steps can make you less likely to go over on an ankle or twist a knee. The body likes rythmn so I always try to get into a comfortable pace and then relax into it.

Q: What was the best thing you experienced during the marathon?

A:   The best thing was having a body scrub after the race in a sauna for locals. It was the freshest and cleanest Ive ever felt! That feeling was worth 156 miles of blood, sweat and a few tears!

Q: What is your next challenge?

A:  It has to be something different, something unlike anything else I have done before. I read an article in which Francis Ford Copolla was asked why he keeps making films after the enormous success of his films like the Godfather in 1972 - what keeps him driven nearly 40 years later. His answer was that whilst life is about your family and close friends, its the challenge of learning and doing something new that keeps you going and alive. I beleive this.

Q: Can you give the readers some advise or fitness tips youve learned over the years? 

A:  Train hard, fight easy. Keep your workouts as functional as possible. Your legs and core are much stronger than your arms - so try and incorporate them into your routines as much as possible. You cannot get fitter, stronger, faster, leaner, bigger (whatever you want to achieve), during one training session. This only happens during your rest and recovery. Thus your rest and nutrition is the most important part and your training only stimulates this part. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and eat well. Dieting is not eating less. Diet is eating the right amount of the right types of food and nutrients. This takes much more effort and discipline that reducing what you eat.

Well..........there you have it! Words from a very wise and inspiring man who has been through hell and back to tell the story! 

Comment and let me know if you've enjoyed this Interview and would like to read more interviews from inspiring people around the world.