Shaundra Lynn Hyre is a Medicine Woman, and a retired International Fashion Model of 21 years.  Her name means: She brings the Light Codes. She is the full activation of the Spirit of the Ancient Ones, and therefore she is a teacher of Wisdom and one who is lovingly here to guide others on the highest pathway to the Divine Goddess. She carries the sacred Divine Feminine Trinity within her. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis. They are always with her and working through her. She is from the Soul Group of the Lighten Coded Ones. Her Galaxy of Origin is of the Bear Constellation and the Milky Way Galaxy with the immense, intricate connection with the galaxies that lie between Sirius and Orion. Her Soul colors are of the shimmering rainbow and she works with the Rays of light.

 Shaundra is American and of Cherokee Indian Heritage. She is based in Miami and travels all over the world giving ceremonies. She works with and holds ceremony with Kambo, Rape’, Sananga, Wilka, Wachuma, and Xanga, a very special medicine that she makes and calls the Divine Cosmic Mother. It is part of her soul contract to carry this very special and unique medicine that she makes through the Divine Cosmic Mother to help people to truly awaken into who they are and heal. She works with light, codes and sounds and sound healing in every ceremony.

Her journey into Shamanism started in NY where she was modeling and living for 14 years. Practicing the art of Shamanic journeying. Modeling then took her to a new chapter in her life living in London, UK where she then began her work with the plants in 2010. Her deep love and connection with the plants and all their healing and knowledge led her to Brazil to do deeper work. Opening her consciousness on deeper levels that she never experienced and ever even thought was possible, healing very old deep wounds from this life time and others. Being completely transformed and reborn from this work she went back to London and birthed Tribu Spirit, an online website that supports indigenous tribes around the world by providing their plant medicines, arts and crafts.

She continues her work with the plants and learning from various different lineages, tribes and traditions such as : Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, Kuntanawa, Cofan, Native American Dine’ Navajo, Wirrarixa (Huichole), Shipibo, Mapuche, Aymara, Quechua.

She received her Shamanic Yoga Certification in 2011 in Mysore, India and shares the depth of this knowledge, weaving immense similarities between shamanism and yogic practices with sound healing and journeying in the retreats that she holds around the world.

She is passionate about nutrition and healthy eating and was studying the culinary art of Raw Food in NY from a friend who was a chef. Later, she herself became a Raw Food Chef for 2 years in Miami, Fl. It is a pleasure for her to share this knowledge, as it is a great everyday tool that we can use to treat our bodies as the temples they are.

Using all of her skills and knowledge and wisdom of the earth and of the stars. It is her great honour and blessing to hold a safe loving space of support to guide you into transformation and the birthing of your true divine essence in all of its shimmering beauty and greatness.