“Consciousness is the awareness and reflection of self through our thoughts, actions, words and intentions. “ - Shaundra Hyre

Every thought builds your reality like a beautiful spider weaving its web. That web effects you and everyone you come in contact with. Our part effects the whole. Building the great interconnected web of life that streams throughout all of us. How you perceive your world, what you think, what you feel, your actions and your words all frame your reality.

All matter is energy, which is a frequency. This includes our minds, bodies, souls, thoughts, actions, and intentions. So, if we amplify our frequency with which we intend, we amplify the frequency of self. The structure of the matter with which you focus on will change to a higher vibration and frequency.

How do we shift our perception of consciousness in everything we do so that we see the possibility of how we can live to our fullest potential as an individual and collectively as a whole? It is through heightened awareness that we shift our perception, vibration and the way we live our lives to interact and connect mindfully.

So, it is my intention that this website be a portal for us all to raise our vibration through the healing of mind, body, and soul while being mindful of every moment of the way we live our lives so we can all attain a Hyre Consciousness. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin .

-Shaundra Hyre